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Fish Farming in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
This article is of particular interest to Biosphere Farms...

The High Price We Pay For Cheap Food
Arthur Potts Dawson discusses the disconnect between healthy food and affordability and explores visions for sustainability

The Biology and Business of Biofuels
A 50 minute video presentation From the University of California San Diego



Soil Definitions

Soil and Climate Change

Soil Sustainability


Oil Seed Data Spreadsheet
An Excel spreadsheet for comparing oilseed crop information for making biodiesel. Includes average yield per acre, percentage oil, crop weights, oil and mash weights, seed and oil prices, and information sources.

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(October 6, 2006)

American Food


Eating Oil
Part of the great unread story of American agriculture is the vast distance covered by most of the food we eat - often referred to as "food miles" - a telling indicator of the increasing commodification & centralization of our most important resource (and it's not oil). The topic can be explored at the following sites:

Food Miles:

Webpage refers to England but is still informative:

Food Miles Calculator:

Local economies: