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Cheap fuel from Synthetic Photosynthesis - The First Steps

Well, it's like this:

This breakthrough will allow the the wholesale creation of water, cheap energy, and reduce the infrastructure to distribute that energy. It will, replace oil altogether.

It works by allowing water to be separated into hydrogen and Oxygen, cheaply and with little effort.

Plants, as you know, take in water, and using only sunlight, separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen. By studying plants, the Norcea Group has developed a method, using cobalt metal, a relatively abundant metal, as a catalyst, to accomplish something similar to the plant mechanics.

The result is low energy separation of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water. The applications can be developed and implemented within the next 10 years, enabling everyone to manufacture their own electricity at home, no need of electrical plants for residential users.

If you extend this innovation and include the breakthroughs that are occurring in genetics, we are looking at a future where we grow our own food, make our own electricity, fresh water, and transportation fuel, in our home. This will make Oil become so cheap, it might not be practical, from a business perspective to pull it out of the ground.

It is the future and a near future at that.