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Fish Farming in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
This article is of particular interest to Biosphere Farms...

The High Price We Pay For Cheap Food
Arthur Potts Dawson discusses the disconnect between healthy food and affordability and explores visions for sustainability

The Biology and Business of Biofuels
A 50 minute video presentation From the University of California San Diego

How Daniel Norcera's Hydrogen Catalyst Was Discovered

We have found for you a 10-minute video about the Nocera-Kanan discovery. It's the pilot for a project called Chemical Explorers, a series of Internet videos about interesting developments in modern chemistry. Because it's intended for a general audience, the video doesn't go into the kind of technical detail that some of the earlier posts do. But it does allow viewers to hear directly from the two chemists behind this discovery, it shows the cobalt catalyst in action, and it tells the interesting story of how the discovery came about.