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Supplying the World's Energy Needs with Light and Water
from...MIT Technology Review

Fish Farming in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
This article is of particular interest to Biosphere Farms ...

The High Price We Pay For Cheap Food
Arthur Potts Dawson discusses the disconnect between healthy food and affordability and explores visions for sustainability

The Biology and Business of Biofuels
A 50 minute video presentation From the University of California San Diego

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Soil Definitions

Soil and Climate Change

Soil Sustainability


Oil Seed Data Spreadsheet
An Excel spreadsheet for comparing oilseed crop information for making biodiesel. Includes average yield per acre, percentage oil, crop weights, oil and mash weights, seed and oil prices, and information sources.

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(October 6, 2006)

What is this?

Our Philosophy

Our food supply in America is the least expensive in the world, due largely to the mechanization of farming. Today, less than 2% of the American workforce is involved in agriculture - never before in history have so few people had to produce food for so many.

This disconnect between consumer and producer leaves most people shaking their heads - food comes from the store, right? As long as the price is low we are happy...

The true story is grittier. A typical mega-farm today affects communities thousands of miles away, creating a huge net resource draw of energy and water - this is the price not reflected at the supermarket. At the same time, single crop planting, organic runoff and high density livestock farming create a local environment quite opposite from our image of a "farm".

Can we do better? We think so - in fact, we are learning every day better ways to create a small, smart farm, and not at the consumer's expense.

Our philosophy is one of small, community-based farming. Rather than pushing our needs down the road, we aim to supply our own energy through the correct application of technology. Instead of a corporate structure a more democratic and horizontal sharing of knowledge and efficiencies as they are discovered.

Ultimately, we are concerned with the food itself - what we eat and feed to our children. It is too important to be left to the men in suits. Explore our site, check out our model, and read the facts. See if it makes sense to you & agrees with YOUR philosophy.